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10 simple ideas to promote your Web site

Getting your new web site up and running is just the beginning. To be successful, you need an ongoing web site marketing and web site promotion campaign just as you have been doing through traditional media. The important thing here is to develop a well thought out web site marketing plan and follow it!

Web site marketing and web site promotion is far too complex a topic to cover completely on this web site but we will cover some key web-specific web site promotion strategies that add up to a simple formula for making your web site more successful.

10 steps to a successful web site:
To assist you with your web site development project, we have selected 10 effective web site promotion ideas for discussion. Each was selected on the basis of affordability, value delivered, and simplicity. While not all of these will apply to every web site, and your web sites may require more effort in certain areas than others, we feel most will relate to your product or service.

1. Make your web site both reader and search engine friendly:

To be effective, your web site must work for human visitors and search engine robots as well. Well written, well designed, and well coded web sites are your insurance. Here are a few recommendations to help make sure your web site is in top shape:

  • Design your web site to load quickly.
  • Spend some time optimising your web site text content.
  • Use keywords frequently in your web site content.
  • Be search engine friendly, say it with words - search engines don't "see" graphics.
  • Use scripts, frames, Flash movies, etc. with caution - they can confuse search engines.
  • Let your graphics support your message, not compete with it.
  • Web site layout and navigation are important, plan them well.


2. List your web site with search engines and databases:

Listing your web site with search engines and databases are the equivalents of advertising your business in the yellow pages and magazines. It is also a very cost effective way to reach potential customers. Today, there are hundreds of directories and databases where you can list your site and announce your web site presence to the world.

  • Top 15 search engines.
  • Web page code optimisation.
  • Keyword and meta tag optimisation.
  • Quarterly web site submission to search engines.
  • For one full year.

Newman Design optimises your web site with properly coded titles, keywords and <meta> statements to ensure search engines read and index your web site correctly. Most search engines today read this information from your web site to determine how to list your web site

And remember, search engine submission listings should be refreshed periodically. Be sure to consider these valuable web site development and maintenance services when developing your web site promotion and maintenance programs.


3. Issue a press release announcing your new web site:

Press releases are a very traditional method of announcing a new product or service and must be issued in conjunction with the the launch of your web site to be considered "news". Distribute your release by e-mail, mail or fax, but make sure the content of your release has value, targets interested parties and is presented in the appropriate format.

Our recommended approach for those not familiar with preparing press releases is to study releases issued by others in a similar business or area of interest as yours. Once you have some basic information, make a list of editors, webmasters, the media, anyone you think might be interested in your message. When making your list, choose an appropriate method of distribution and tailor the release to that medium.


4. Exchange links with other web sites:

This aspect of web site promotion is becoming increasingly important. Search engines now examine a web site to detect reciprocal links and take them into account when determining web site ranking. The general intent is to take advantage of the popularity of another web site to boost traffic to your web site.

Links can be either a "one-way" link to your web site from some other site or a "two-way" link where both web sites have a link to each other. Either way, the goal is to locate web sites with some relevance to your product or service and get them to agree to place a link to your web site on theirs. Many sites offer "resource" links to add value to their web sites and you could be one of those resources. Two-way links produce better results with search engines.

This approach is generally free but there are pay services that can give you instant access to hundreds of thousands of links. These pay services generally have an initial setup fee and per-click and/or commission charges.

Newman Design co-ordinates coding of any one-way or two-way links you require as part of your web site design package at no extra charge.


5. Sign up with a banner placement service:

As the number of web sites continue to increase and more businesses step up their web site promotion programs, being seen is becoming more of a challenge. There are both free and pay banner exchange and placement services available that will increase your exposure... They are the "billboards" of the Internet.

Newman Design can create a banner for your web site using design elements from your web site.


6. Offer on-site specials, discounts, contests, etc.:

Special offers, discounts, events and contests are all excellent ways to encourage repeat visits. Web sites dedicated to these ever changing topics can also be submitted to search engines for listing and your traditional advertising can direct people to your web site.

Newman Design can add graphic, mail, e-mail and fax forms, printable coupons, and other promotional material to your web site Affordably!


7. Publish an electronic newsletter or e-letter:

Newsletters or e-letters have always been a popular method of educating your clients as well as serving as a reminder or enticement to purchase your products or services. Newsletters or e-letters can be mailed, e-mailed or faxed - you can even let your subscribers choose their preferred method of delivery.


8. Promote your web site in traditional marketing program:

Promote your web site by adding your "URL" to your business cards, flyers, brochures, letterheads. Register a domain name for your web site with the same as your business name. It's great advertising, looks more professional, and it dramatically increases recognition and retention of your web site address.

Newman Design will research possible domain names and guide you through the registration process as part of your web design package at no extra cost.


9. Change your web site content regularly to encourage return traffic:

Update your web site on a regular basis and be sure to tell your visitors that the content is constantly changing. Give them a reason to save your web site in their bookmark or favourites file and come back again.

Newman Design offers affordable web site maintenance services. Discuss your web site maintenance requirements with us before you commit to designing your web site. Be aware of the costs up front. We do hourly and project basis billing. It's more affordable than you might think.


10. Write free articles for publication in your industry:

Many trade and industry publications are happy to accept free articles from members or service providers familiar with their industry.

Your article will spread the word about you and your service, establish your reputation for taking a proactive role in bettering your industry, and provide free advertising space for your e-mail and/or web site addresses for further contact.

Being a contributing writer for a widely known and read publication in your industry will also look good in your company profile and set you apart from the competition.



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