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Newman Design Ltd, New Media Designers, Illustration, Animation, Multimedia and Graphic Design across all media.

Accessibility options for this web site

This site has been designed with built in accessibility options, making it easier for disabled users to access the content.

This has been achieved in a number of ways:

  • All the images have "alt" and "title" tags describing their content and purpose if they are navigation links. This allows screen readers and users who turn off the images, to follow the content and navigate the site.

  • Keyboard access has been applied to the links on the menu bar as follows:
    • Alt h = Home
    • Alt w = Web design
    • Alt a = Animation
    • Alt i = Illustration
    • Alt g = Graphics
    • Alt f = Fine art
    • Alt c = Contact us

    If using Internet Explorer you will need to press "enter" after using the alt keys, in Mozilla or Netscape it will navigate without this extra keystroke.

  • The tab order has also been ordered in a logical manner.

  • There are two cascading style sheets, the first is the default or normal text version, the alternative is the large text version, which also includes a higher contrast blue than the powder blue of the default style sheet. Giving users an alternate style sheet has the main advantage of keeping the design under the control of the site owners, so that colour schemes and layout can be tweaked but not lost completely, conversely this alternate style sheet can be as extreme as you deem necessary.

How to swap style sheets:
Two buttons, one with a small "A", the other with a large "A", have been included on the grey navigation bar on every page. See below

Clicking the large "A" button switches to the large text style sheet and writes a cookie to your machine, setting a flag so all future pages at this site use the alternate style sheet until you select otherwise.

Also if you are using the Mozilla, Netscape or Opera you can select which style sheet to use from the View / Style menu. Unfortunately Internet Explorer does not support alternate style sheets from its own menu options yet, although it is a W3C standard.

If you are interested in making your site more accessible or Bobby compliant, by using technology solutions based on web standards, please contact us.

Further suggestions:

  • Use Alt and Title tags to give elements a descriptive meaning.

  • Move to xhtml or xml, no alt tags are considered invalid code.

  • Use font sizes in pixels or percentages in your style sheets (not point sizes) this allows users to change the text size using browser controls. View / Text size on the browser menu.

  • Warn users if there are pop-ups.

  • Do not to use frames if possible.


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