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Newman Design Ltd, New Media Designers, Illustration, Animation, Multimedia and Graphic Design across all media.

Graphic Design

We realise the benefits of visual impact, but in addition we also consider your corporate identity, typographic layout and your delivery medium. This combination gives your product assured quality from web page to printed brochure.

Icons and Buttons
Custom made to suit your corporate image.
The benefit of specifically designed icons and buttons adds harmony and order to any publication whether printed or web based.
Company logos

inform consulting

To see how the inform logo opposite was designed we have published a Logo design process page .

Magic Object
Plus Prompting
SEED Technical Services Captain Sport
Noel Trigg Associates
Noel Trigg Associates
Aircraft vibration management
Crocodile 8 cross country race.
Printed media
Please click on the icons below for an enlarged view.

Half page press ad
Quarter page press ad
Mail shot / Flyer