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Animated GIFs

The benefits of animated .gif files are that they play in the browser without the need for a plugin.
Animated GIF

Flash animation

Combine the richness of video, audio, animation, text, images and the instant interaction of the computer mouse into compelling, effective presentations and interactive documents. We design, create and publish multimedia applications in all popular formats using a variety of authoring tools.

BBC animation
"It is perfect and WE LOVE IT !!!!" so says Kathryn Williams
Marketing Co-ordinator/ Cydlunydd Marchnata BBC Adnoddau Resources. Please be patient as it was designed for an intranet not for the internet.
The following series of three animations were again emailed internally to different departments within the BBC
BBC animation Day 1
Day 1
BBC animation Day 2
Day 2
BBC animation Day 3
Day 3
Synapse action animation
This Flash animation is part of a series explaining how anaesthetics work inside the body.
Air conditioning circuit
An interactive Flash animation showing the flow of a circuit. Click on the different areas to get a pop-up text description.
animation of user operation
This is from an interactive CDROM so please be patient and press the play button in the corner once it has downloaded once.
Euroheat animated logo
Tangent animated logo
Animated logos.
Animated Christmas card
Pop-up animated Christmas card.
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